Discovery Assessment Pathway

The River Network's Discovery Pathway provides potential church planters with third-party feedback concerning their ministry strengths and growth areas as it relates to planting. 

The River Network offers two options to meet planters:

Pre-Assessment Discovery - FREE

A pre-assessment provides planters with a preliminary, self-interpreted view of their readiness. For a fuller picture and interpretation, we encourage planters to then engage the Full Assessment Discovery Pathway. 

Asbury Church Planting Self Assessment 

Behavioral Assessment - Single

Behavioral Assessment - Married

Full Assessment Discovery Path with Interpretation - $400

A full assessment with interpretation provides a comprehensive, third party perspective of planters’ strengths and growth areas. After completing the full assessment, The River Network’s experienced assessor will provide:  

1. A one-on-one consultation with you about your assessment results.

2. A report of strengths and growth areas with recommendation(s).

3. A written summary that can be shared with sponsoring agencies or denominations. 

Full Assessment Discovery Path