Why do I need a coach?

Seminars and conferences can provide excellent information, but often leave a pastor stranded between the ideal and reality. The goal of coaching is to help the pastor focus on what matters most, translate ideas into reality, and to provide the encouragement and accountability that will result in a healthy, growing churches.

Classic coaching asks questions. Consulting suggests answers. River Network Coaching blends both approaches in order to best serve pastors in reaching their goals.

How can coaching help me?

The benefits of coaching are numerous, running the gamut from those tangible ones like better time management and greater efficiency to intangible benefits like being aware of the strengths, values and assets that you bring to your ministry calling. Coaching also helps you learning how to encourage the creativity and resources of others, how to leverage the power of conflict to move projects and people forward, and how to rid yourself of unproductive habits.

The coaching process helps you become better aware of your skill set and personal leadership style to arrive at a true understanding of your assets. But it isn't a list of your potential. It is what and who you are without the distractions, without the pressure, without other people, and without interruptions.

However, ministry by its nature involves other people as well as situations and expectations that seem outside of our control. River Network coaches understand this and help you excel and focus within the real world of ministry.

What coaching looks like with The River Network:

The River Network provides coaches who are experienced in church planting and coaching. You can do it, they can help!

Pastors meet with their assigned coach monthly for individual guidance. Small cohorts are also arranged for networking and fellowship.

Cost: $195/month

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